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LAUNCHPAD: WA’s biggest guide for local launches 23 August – 6 September

21 Aug




Come down and listen to the singer songwriter stylings of J.A Rogers at The Bassendean Hotel on Friday 24 August, in support of the launch of his album Here I  Am. Hip Hop artists LowdaxSatalite Jack are launching their dual album at Fou5Nine on Friday 24 August. Catch Odin Malchick at The Bird on Friday 31 August, in support of his single launch The Hard Way. Don’t miss out on the the cool coastal sounds of The Kat Williams Trio at the launch for their up coming single Sitting Alone at The Rosemount Hotel on Friday 1 September.

Sgt. Hulka – Debut Single  Launch
With The Limbs, Platform 2 and Michael Savage
When: Thursday 23 September |  Where: The Aardvark, Fremantle
Tickets: $10 |  More info: HERE

Web Rumors – Single  Launch
With Nerve Quakes and Supernaked
When: Thursday 23 September |  Where: The Bird, Northbridge
Tickets: $10 |  More info: HERE

J.A Rogers – Album Launch
With Dharshini Dee Muru, Brendon Gaspari & Band and Wayward Johnsons & the Adjustment
When: Friday 24 August |  Where: The Bassendean Hotel, Bassendean
Tickets: $10  |  More info: HERE

Superego fka Pow! Negro – Single Launch
With Dharshini Dee Muru, Brendon Gaspari & Band and Wayward Johnsons & the Adjustment
When: Friday 24 August |  Where: The Aardvark, Fremantle
Tickets: SOLD OUT |  More info: HERE

Lowdax and Satalite Jack – Dual Album Launch
With José Halftime, Shadow, Folar, Poets Laureate, iLL Withers & Monolith, Taliesyn, COERCE
When: Friday 24 August |  Where: Four5Nine Bar,  North Perth
Tickets: $10  |  More info: HERE

Almond Soy – Single Launch
With Luke Fox, Candy Guts, and Jamilla
When: Friday 24 August |  Where: The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth
Tickets: $10  |  More info: HERE

The Kill Devil Hills – Album Launch
With TBC
When: Saturday 25 August |  Where: The Badlands Bar, Perth
Tickets: $23.70|  More info: HERE

Noah Dillon – Single Launch
With Spacey Jane , The Psychotic Reactions and Ryley
When: Saturday 25 August |  Where: The Bird, Northbridge
Tickets: $10|  More info: HERE

Ø Island – Single Launch
With Yomi Ship, TASHI and Heavy Flow
When: Sunday 26 August |  Where: Four5nine, North Perth
Tickets: $10|  More info: HERE

Gregory Brenton – EP Launch
With Steve Hensby, Mossy Fogg, Fat Sparrow
When: Wednesday 29 August |  Where: Four5nine, North Perth
Tickets: $10|  More info: HERE

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter – Mixtape Launch
With No Nomads and Izatangs
When: Thursday 30 August |  Where: Mojo’s Bar, Fremantle
Tickets: $5|  More info: HERE

Foreign Architects – EP Launch
With Kat Wilson Trio, Kopano and Rabbit’s Foot.
When: Thursday 30 August |  Where: Four5nine, North Perth
Tickets: $5 |  More info: HERE

These Winter Night – Single Launch
With Siobhan Cotchin, Lake Louise and Chelsea Cullen
When: Friday 31st August |  Where: The Aardvark, Fremantle
Tickets: $10-$15 |  More info: HERE

Odin Malchik – Single Launch
With ELWYN and Airline Food
When: Friday 31st August |  Where: The Bird, Northbridge
Tickets: $5 |  More info: HERE

Brayden Sibbald – Single Launch
With Lana Rothnie and Sameul Rocchi
When: Friday 31st August |  Where: Four5Nine, North Perth
Tickets: $10 |  More info: HERE

Hyclass – Single Launch
When: Friday 31st August |  Where: Secret Location, Perth CBD
Tickets: $25 |  More info: HERE

Blindspot – Single Launch
With Nautical Mile, Castle Bravo, The Wolfbats and Nervous Now
When: Saturday 1 September|  Where: The Sixty30, Merriwa
Tickets: FREE |  More info: HERE

Peppermint Showers – Single Launch
With Tanaya Harper and Physical Release
When: Saturday 1 September|  Where: The Bird, Northbridge
Tickets: $5 |  More info: HERE

The Volcanics -Single Launch
With The Secret Buttons, Maurice Flavel’s Intensive Care, and Circus
When: Saturday 1 September|  Where: Four5nine, North Perth
Tickets: $ |  More info: HERE

Alex Aroino -LP Launch
With 6’s & 7’s and Simone & Girlfunkle Duo
When: Saturday 1 September|  Where: The Sewing Room, Perth
Tickets: $10 |  More info: HERE

Kat Wilson Trio – Single Launch
With  Grace Armstrong, Bir Clark and Ribs
When: Saturday 1 September |  Where: The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth
Tickets: $10 |  More info: HERE

With Pat Chow
When: Saturday 1 September |  Where: Amplifier Capitol, Perth
Tickets: $15 |  More info: HERE

Feels – Single  Launch
With Nussy, KADO and Cooper Cooper
When: Saturday 1 September |  Where: Mojo’s Bar, Fremantle
Tickets: $15.30 |  More info: HERE

Tania Martin –  Debut Single  Launch
With Mama Red & the Dark Blues, The Skelton Collective, Tania Martin and Rhys Wood Music.
When: Sunday 2 September |  Where: Four5Nine, North Perth
Tickets: $10 |  More info: HERE









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