The Kiss My WAMi Compilation CD has always been a trusted tastemaker in identifying up and coming West Australian artists.

Released as part of WAMFest, this year’s compilations features a diverse array of music from songwriters spanning across genres from Electronic to Jazz, to Rock and Hip Hop.

Featured artists include The Money War, Demon Days, Tanaya Harper, T$oko, Jamilla, Grace Armstrong and many more.

Best of all the two-disc release is free for all WAM Members (just pop into the office to pick one up) and if you’re not a WAM member you will be able to access this year’s Kiss My WAMi compilation on Spotify.

Kiss My WAMi 2018 Compilation 


  2. GAZEY Society
  3. Tanaya Harper Graceless
  4. Jamilla King
  5. Bri Clark Giving Up
  6. Big Orange Goodnight Kiss Vampire Bite
  7. Treehouses Old Friends
  8. Sly Withers Pleb
  9. Didion’s Bible Script Speak
  10. The Silent Sea Replacer
  11. Skullcave Next Earth
  12. Xenobiotic Prometheus III: Nemesis
  13. Teen Angst Adrian
  14. Odette Mercy & her Soul Atomics Put On the Heartbrake
  15. Ruby May Devils Stank
  16. Angus Dawson (feat. Bri Clark) What We’ve Done
  17. These Winter Nights No You Didn’t Love
  18. Brayden Sibbald Float
  19. Cruel Noon Archipelago
  20. Feels (featuring: Stella Donnelly) They need us


  1. Jeffrey Wicker Leonora Sweetheart
  2. Bert Hayden Untie These Ropes
  3. Farraday’s Cage Radio
  4. Helen Shanahan I Only Hide
  5. The Money War Hollywood
  6. Mal de Mer Wet Socks
  7. Demon Days Disco Baby
  8. T$oko Blasphemy/The Mirror
  9. Young Jaycee LaLa
  10. Yully No Cheatcodes
  11. Ratking Vote4Me
  12. Hercules Morse Unfazed
  13. Aminah Hughes Tell Me It’s Over
  14. Geoff Waldeck My Way Home
  15. Wayward Johnson and the Adjustment State We’re In
  16. The Wilds Just a Mirror
  17. Ella Munro Coming Out
  18. Grace Armstrong Bleeding Out
  19. Dawn Barrington Fly Free Little Bird
  20. The Struggling Kings Ardyaloon