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Introducing GRID Outer Perth

31 May

We are living in an exciting time, where barriers for artists to self -release, promote and publish their own material has seemingly never been smaller. Creativity abounds, with new artists being discovered every day. On face value, this world of seemingly limitless opportunities might be presumed to be an artist’s dream. However, with this rich bounty of opportunity comes with it, a stark reminder to those artists on the fringes, who have limited access to studios, producers, contacts, and industry knowledge, that making music a mainstay in one’s life is still a monumental challenge.

GRID Series’ mission is to confront those barriers head-on.

Introducing GRID Outer Perth. Having just wrapped in Western Sydney, and currently rolling out in South West Brisbane, for the very first time, GRID Series, an artist development for musicians in outer suburban areas around Australia will be rolling out their inaugural Outer Perth Program.

With the support from telecommunications provider Belong, Perth acts are in for a real treat for their edition, with the mentor line-up featuring some of the most storied players in the music business. This year’s Perth mentors include hip hop royalty Beni Bjah from Downsyde, and RnB vocalist and producer Jamilla who will spend a day with each artist helping them develop their new track. On the business side, artist manager Hayley Ayres (Melody Pool, Dallas Woods) and indie label director Matthew Johnson of Walking Horse will help the artists craft a release strategy and set up for a sustainable career in the music industry. GRID will also be receiving support from West Australian Music (WAM) who will be consulting on the project and assisting with the networking side of the series, and Abmusic, who will be providing 4 interns from their music production and music business courses to support the Perth artists.

4 Outer Perth artists will receive:

  • One-on-one songwriting development with an established songwriter (Jamilla and Beni Bjah)
  • A fully produced track, recorded at Rada Studio
  • A live video to be used as content to promote their new release
  • A short documentary video that explores their journey as an artist
  • A single launch gig with the other artists in the program

GRID Series has been running in Melbourne since 2013, with past success stories of artists who have come through the program including Daniel Elia, Alana Wilkinson, Manorism, and The Fabric (fronted by Angie McMahon). You only need a cursory glance at their singles to understand the influence of the GRID Series. Daniel Elia alone saw his track ‘I Know It Very Well’ premiered via Tone Deaf, due to its slick production and hard-hitting back story.

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level with GRID, there are a few things you need to know.

To apply for this fantastic opportunity, you must:

  • be above 17 years of age
  • live in the Outer Perth area
  • write your own original music
  • be available to attend the program’s key dates

If successful, this opportunity will involve a commercial partnership, so we just want to remind everyone to seek legal advice before entering into any binding agreements.

Apply now!

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