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Interview with Song of the Year nominee Abbe May

24 Apr

Abbe May has been nominated in the Pop Category for WAM Song of the Year 2017-18 with her song ‘Love Decline’. Today she has a quick chat with WAM about what’s to come, genre changes and is giving a hot tip for aspiring musicians. Also, find out her RTRFM In The Pines set time and who she wants to check out at the festival.

This year has started off as a big one for you Abbe, including the release of Fruit at Perth International Arts Festival, a national tour, WAM Song of the Year nomination and announced for In the Pines. What more have you got planned that you can tell us about?
We’ve had some great fun with FRUIT in Australia and are now getting a lot of luck in the form of adds to multiple college radio stations in the US. I am looking forward to developing overseas and Australian audiences through touring, select shows and festivals, and I’m now in the initial stages of writing album number 6. I am currently 30 days into a 90 day sober stint, I will probably make it go longer, sobriety has been too rewarding so far to really stop. I’m in really challenging training for some very physically demanding visual art later in the year. I’m making it a year of trying new approaches. I love 2018 so far. A very dynamic, magical year!

Your genre has evolved significantly since you started, why is that and what influences contributed to that change?
I’ve been making my own music for over ten years … everything changes, all influences change … and skill levels should evolve over time. I think it would be weird if my style didn’t evolve. I admit that mine has changed in much more marked ways than many other artists. I can’t really help it. I’m not even going to deny that my next record could be an Opera. I have no idea what it will be until all the work is done and it reveals itself.

What is one piece of advice you can share to aspiring musicians that you wish you had known when starting out?
Some people will try to tear you down. They will try to white-ant your foundations and erode your confidence because you threaten their own sense of worth. Often these people appear to be friends at first. Watch people’s actions rather than their words and carefully choose friends and collaborators who only want the best for you. Don’t be afraid to walk away from band scenes, relationships and situations.

What is your set time at In The Pines, what should we expect and what other act/s are you looking forward to checking?
My band is lucky enough to have Joni Hogan and Odette Mercy join us on stage at 9.30pm – I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!


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Catch Abbe May, joined by Joni Hogan (Joni in the Moon) and Odette Mercy (Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics), at RTRFM’s In The Pines this Sunday, April 29 at 9.30pm.

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