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Interview: Bläckwitch – playing RTRFM’s Raw Power

10 Mar

Ahead of RTRFM’s Raw Power on Saturday 14 March, WAM had a chat to Tim of Bläckwitch about their newest projects, music inspirations, favorite punk bands from the West Coast and what exactly “snarling punk attitude” means to them.

Tell us a little bit about the band.
Bläckwitch started only 1 year ago, but got a solid leg up from established Perth bands to play some big debut shows, and consistent gigs in Perth and the South West.

Upcoming events, shows, releases etc:
We just released our film clip at Perth and Bunbury shows. The clip is going up online this week and we have a few gigs in the pipeline. We have a Margaret River (not yet announced) support gig in April with a band from the USA, and hopefully an East coast tour in winter.

What does “snarling punk attitude” mean to you, and how does your music reflect this?
I guess to me it means having an “I don’t give a fuck what you think” mentality when delivering your music, which is what we do. We play with aggression and deliver our music with intensity, and if you don’t dig it, that’s cool then go home.

How important do you see RTRFM’s ethos in promoting punk music?
It’s a huge part of the West Australian music culture. We have limited avenues of promotion and exposure and limited venues and ways of getting seen compared to everywhere else, so it plays a massive part in bringing local music to ears.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at RAW Power and why?
I can’t wait to see Emu Experts again, they have a rad energy on stage and are good dudes. Shakeys are always great to see too.

Name a couple of your favourite WA punk acts and what they mean to you.
There are so many amazing WA punk acts in the South West and in Perth, but I guess if you only want a couple; Scalphunter are a big influence to us because of their brutal live energy, and Chainsaw Hookers are such an amazing band every time.

A little info about your recently released song “Bläckwitch part 1″, how it was created, what it means to the band etc:
“Bläckwitch part 1” is the first in a trilogy of songs, it’s a metaphorical story of the Bläckwitch, an evil being of the night stealing the souls of common folk and recruiting them to join the forsaken Bläckwitch army. Doom kind of shaped the direction our music has taken and represents our mentality as a band. It’s one of our favorite songs and we often open our set with it, enjoy.

Listen to their recent EP here.

More info on RTRFM’s Raw Power show Saturday 14 March here.

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