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Guide on how to get played on Aussie radio

29 Aug


Tonedeaf has published a great article about how to get radio airplay in Australia.

“Whether it’s on a local community station, a national broadcaster or a large commercial radio outlet, receiving radio airplay is an important step for any musician hoping to gain recognition. Thanks to the over saturation and accessibility of music online, receiving radio airplay is as important as ever.

So just how do you go about getting you music to the masses, or rather how do you get your music to those able to reach and influence the masses? Tonedeaf chatted with three experts, each with very different backgrounds and histories working within the radio sector to discover some insider’s tips on ‘how to get played on radio’”

They spoke to the following, and we well recommend reading the article linked below;

* Adam Christou (Music Director of Perth’s community station RTRFM)

* Nick Findlay (Assistant Music Director at Triple J)

* John Zucco (Director of The Right Profile – an Australian independent Radio and TV plugging company based in Sydney).

More info here.




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