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Fly by Night Musicians Club needs your support

1 Feb

With a long and vital history of promoting music and the arts in Fremantle, the Fly by Night Musicians Club  require  public funding to keep the iconic Fremantle venue afloat. Chairman Steve Wells says that  Fly By Night and Fremantle have been a great partnership over the years, with his announcement as follows:

“The time has come for the Fly by Night Musicians’ Club to really reach out to the Fly community and ask for your financial support. Since our move from the Drill Hall to Victoria Hall early in 2015, the Club’s operations have been hindered due to delays with the Club’s liquor license approval and the demise of operational funding to ensure the viability of your Fly by Night.

As a result in the past year the Club is accruing debt at level not manageable for the community arts venue to sustain, even though the Club has restructured and through the persistence of the Club’s volunteer board’s belief in the Fly’s viability the Club is running operations on the smell of an oily rag.
The Fly has continued to present great performances and provide a space for community activity at Victoria Hall throughout 2015, and as you’ll have all noticed from our newsletters the plan to keep doing so (including some very special events in the next couple of months that you’ll be first to hear about), but it looks like it will be sometime before we are fully operational, and the Club needs your help to get over the hump.

The Fly board and the City of Fremantle have been working together to overcome these obstacles and we believe that we are on track to do so. As part of this work, we have developed a credible and achievable longer-term business model that will ensure that the Fly can be a vibrant and viable outfit again in the future, but before this can happen, we need to reduce the debt. In normal circumstances we would be able to trade out of this, but our current situation is hardly “normal” and there is a significant risk that with the immediate problems that we are facing, we may not be able to get there.

This is where you come into it. We don’t ask this lightly, but we’re getting close to a do-or-die position – unless we can get the debts down to a manageable level, we won’t be able to realise the bright future that the Fly could have at Victoria Hall. So here’s what you can do to help:

1) Make a donation, buy tickets to the fab shows that we’re putting on, and if you’re not already a member, join up with us here.
2) If you own or are associated with a business, partner with the Fly by taking up one of the great sponsorship opportunities that we offer here and here.
3) Spread the word that the Fly is still in business, still putting on great shows and could have a bright future, but needs all the help that it can get to restore it as the premier and go-to music outfit in Freo.
4) Offer practical assistance, particularly with social media, graphic design, printing and volunteer work at shows.

Over the last 29 years the Fly has given Fremantle a cultural vibrancy that is invaluable and unique. The Fly board believes there is a strong future for a community-driven, not-for-profit arts organisation in Fremantle that has the prime objectives of developing our local artistic industry and providing a hub for members and the community in general. We believe it would be a great loss for future culture and the arts in Fremantle if the Fly was not to reach its full potential and become just a great memory.

We really hope that you feel the same and can support the Fly to help us get through this difficult patch of time. So if you’d like to help (and as we said, we really hope you do) please get in touch on (08) 9430 5208 or [email protected] .

We’d love to hear from you soon and hope you don’t mind a follow up call. And remember – if you want the Fly to continue to provide the artistic and community services that we’ve always done, it’s up to you.”



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