RTRFM’s Distant Murmurs 2018

RTRFM’s Distant Murmurs 2018

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Saturday 27 January 6pm - late

Rosemount Hotel

Audience: 18+

Ticket Prices: Presales $15 general / $10 subscribers

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RTRFM kicks off 2018 with the 4th annual multi-stage local music festival Distant Murmurs at the Rosemount Hotel on Saturday 27 January 2018.

With over 20 acts across three stages, the festival will boast a line up of both new and up-coming local bands.

The festival jumpstarts in the Beer Garden from 6pm, with The Whipcracker DJing alongside Will Slade, plus the futuristic beats and rhymes of Toyotomi, neo-soul wunder kids Demon Days, impressive production from Shy Time, pop magic from Your Girl Pho, driving beats and rhythms of Bonny Upwelling and the multi layered sounds of Human Buoy.

In 459 it’s going to be a little loud and raucous with the no nonsense sounds of Apollo Zen, the in your face punk of Chick Spit, the madness and joy of Debbie Downers and the brilliance of Shit Narnia.

And in the Main Room, recent winner of the MOJO Rising Band Competition will be the hypnotic singer-songwriter Carla Geneve, the Brit pop sounds of DIY Rainclouds, the intoxicating rawness of Hussy, the unreserved sonics of Benjamin Witt and the wondrous pop melodies of The Money War.

Distant Murmurs is the best way to spend a summer Saturday afternoon, immersed in tunes from the present and future of Perth’s musical landscape.