Perth Needs More Music and Arts Venues

Perth Needs More Music and Arts Venues

Monday 23 February 6pm

The Bakery, Northbridge

Audience: 18+

Ticket Prices: free

More information: Visit Website

Perth should be very proud of the Western Australian music and arts scene. We have consistently produced incredible artists over many years and will continue to do so. Also in recent years we have had more touring artists come to our fair state. We have been treated to some incredible art, culture and music. However, at the other end of the scale we as a city have some real problems. The small to medium sized venue situation in Perth has been in bad shape for a while now, and with the impending closure of The Bakery and Deville’s Pad, we are confronted with an emergency situation. The meeting is open to everyone who wants to share ideas on venues, event attendance and local government.