Little Wing May Creative Conference

Little Wing May Creative Conference

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Tuesday 3 May - Friday 6 May Various Times

Little Wing Corner Gallery, Subiaco

Audience: 18+

Ticket Prices: $5-$10

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The Little Wing Corner Gallery will be hosting a four-day creative conference May 3 – 6 with 12 creative industry professionals sharing their unique experiences, advice and challenges that they have faced in their chosen creative field. There will be three guest speakers each evening, including a number of music industry leaders. There will also be 10mins of Q&A after each speaker and time before and after for networking opportunities.

Tues May 3
6:20pm – Rahalie McGuirk, Artist
7:10pm – Liam Dee, Artist
8:00pm – Ian & Erick Regnard, Photographers

Wed May 4
6:20pm – Brendan Hutchens, Documentary Producer, Director
7:10pm – Matsu, Photographer
8:00pm – Alex Paioff, Pilerats, Metric Events

Thurs May 5
6:20pm – Caitlin Nienaber, RTRFM Radio Presenter
7:10pm – Kate Daniel, Core Studios, Events
8:00pm – Robert Buratti, Artist, Gallery Owner at Buratti Fine Arts

Friday May 6
6:20pm – Dirk Penny, Gage Roads Brewing Manager
7:10pm – Jacob Snell, Monster Music Management / Facilitated by Aarom Wilson, WAM, Aaromedia
8:00pm – Adam Christou, RTRFM Music Director

After the talks on Friday May 6 they’ll be having an after party with live art and live music.