Audible Edge: Festival of Sound

Audible Edge: Festival of Sound

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Saturday 23 April -

Various locations

Ticket Prices: FREE | $10, $20, $30

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Audible Edge Festival of Sound, bringing rare and phenomenal sound experiences to Perth audiences via concerts, livestreams and workshops.

Since 2017, the Audible Edge Festival of Sound has made a home on the west coast for music that’s uncompromising, true to itself, excellent, and very odd. This year, Tone List are delivering the festival in a new format: a year-long program running from April to December.

The April program, running from April 23 to 30, spans exploratory jazz, experimental improvisation, ambient music, field recordings, audio-visual projects, and some unusual collaborations that defy easy explanation. Artificial forests, field recordings of house parties and simultaneous improvisations between musicians in three different cities: plus virtuosic solo performances, free jazz shred-fests and ambient zone-outs.

The full details of the program including ticket and livestream links and workshop sign-up forms are accessible via the festival website,