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DIY music industry professional development community launches online

10 Oct



Music Industry Inside Out is a new professional development resource designed to bridge the gap between aspiration and a successful career in the music industry.

The works of music industry professional (and ex-Q-Music-er) Martine Cotton, Music Industry Inside Out is a members-based digital resource providing bite-sized video interviews with acclaimed artists and members of the music industry. Members will be privy to information such as how to book gigs, self- management techniques, tips on technology and preparing for an international tour.

Martine says the website will provide greater access to a shared knowledge base of contemporary and changing music industry practices, specific mentor programs for training and a better understanding of strategic planning required to grow within the industry. “It is my ambition to assist musicians and all those hard- working music industry workers to develop a strong, healthy industry that can provide a viable, sustainable lifestyle for its members,” she says. “The industry will benefit enormously with a generation of well-informed, smart and savvy artists and workers coming through, resulting in a wide creation of sustainable careers and bringing financial benefits to the entire industry. Plus, well, that warm gooey feeling you get when you help people really rocks.”

So far, the site contains 350-plus videos online from 28 different speakers across 23 course modules. Every week a new course video unit will be added from leading industry figures, eventually including more than 35 different topics at various levels ranging from beginner modules to masterclasses. There are also free resources such as the ‘Savvy Seven’ series, which provides local advice from some of Australia’s hottest young bands.

There are a variety of membership options, starting from $25 for individual monthly memberships (or $250 per year), as well as a variety of tiers for small music communities (5-9 members) up to major organisations and universities (70-plus members).

More info here.

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