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Digital Content Guide launches to combat illegal downloads

8 Aug


The Digital Content Guide is a new platform to help consumers find the creative content they want easily and quickly, from licensed sources in Australia. The website directs users to licensed online entertainment services including TV and movies, music, eBooks, gamesĀ and sport. The service is free and is available for desktop and portable devices.

APRA AMCOS has joined ARIA, Foxtel, News Corp Australia and Village Roadshow in funding the new site. The guide is an important tool to help consumers make an educated choice when they look for creative content online. The aim is to offer an easy alternative to illegal methods of downloading and streaming which denies creators their rightful revenue.

Users of the site will see a wide choice of licensed digital services available in Australia for a variety of content across different devices and platforms. As new services become available, the site will keep pace in order to help Australians find the content they want from a licensed service.

More info here.

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