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Perth Live Music Action meeting update, and WAM’s CEO on the impending closure of Devilles Pad

23 Feb

UPDATE (Feb 23):

From Dave Cutbush, Perth Live Music Action Meeting Organiser:

“Hello Friends,
Many thanks to all for the huge amount of support we have had over the last week. I think we have really hit a nerve and people are keen to support music, arts and culture in Perth and the venues that local and touring artists use. We need small to medium sized venues in this city, greater audience participation and we need this 12 months of the year.

We are keen for all media, music industry people, and music lovers to come down on Monday night to The Bakery at 6pm and to see what passionate Perth people can do when confronted with a critical lack of venue options.

Key items for discussion will include:
1. An audit of the present venue situation; where we are at and what we need.
2. How we can support venues in operation at the moment.
3. How we can foster the development of new venues.
4. What is the best plan for the replacement of The Bakery as a key medium sized inner city venue.

We will be having panel discussion and taking questions from the floor.

On the panel will be:
Dave Cutbush – Convenor of Perth Venue Action and Director of national touring agency life is noise
Bob Gordon – Editor of XPress Magazine and musician
Andrew Ryan – Director of Cool Perth Nights, owner of Mojo’s Bar and musician
Mike Harris – CEO of WAM
Abbe May – Musician
Luke Rinaldi – Band manager, and booking agent at Sweetmate Music
Jason Cleary – General Manager at RTRFM 92.1

 More info here.



With Kulcha, YaYa’s and The Bakery announcing closures in the last year or so, sadly another one of Perth’s finest music venues is following suit. Devilles Pad will close its doors on Saturday 21 March. The bar has not provided reasons for its closure as yet (their statement is included below), but many have taken to social media to express their disappointment with the news, including Life Is Noise Director Dave Cutbush creating a Facebook page calling for new venues. Whatever the case, it’s bad news for WA’s music environment, with Devilles being particularly supportive of live music of late since a change of management.

WAM’s CEO Mike Harris has made a statement about the closure:

“WAM is concerned at the recent spate of venue closures in Perth. Live music is a primary contributor to activating and animating city areas, such as Northbridge and Fremantle. It’s a significant contributor to the local economy, and is one of the most accessible cultural activities; everyone likes music.

WAM will be reconvening the Live Music Taskforce over the next few weeks and looking at ways of protecting, nurturing and encouraging live music venues. This will be via promoting or advocating means of practical or logistical support, influencing cultural policy making, and driving legislative change.

WA’s music scene is recognised as being one of Australia’s, if not the world’s strongest, and WAM will do everything in its power to stop this from being under threat. With a state election due in two years it is contingent on everyone who supports music to do whatever they can to protect this.

WAM has started discussions with both the government and opposition, who respect and recognise the importance of this issue, and are investigating what can be done. As an industry we need to work together to make this a key electoral issue.”

Devilles Pad full press release:

“End of an Era – Deville’s Pad Closing 21st March

Dearest Devillians…

We write with the sad news that Saturday 21st March will be the final night of trade for Devilles Pad.

As saddened as we are that the doors of Hell are closing, in true Deville’s style we plan on going out with GUNS BLAZIN!

In the meantime, we invite you to join us in celebrating seven fantastic years in business and have a heap of great shows on Friday and Saturday nights until 2am, as well as Rock & Roll Karaoke and general shenanigans every Thursday until midnight.  Show details are listed below, as well as at this link

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the years and look forward to celebrating with you all in the coming weeks.

Bookings can be made as usual at [email protected], via the website or by calling 9225 6669.

Yours infernally,

The Deville’s Team”

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