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WA Music Awards Tim Nelson

Creative Industry Grants Closing Dates

4 Sep

The Department of Culture and the Arts offers a wide variety of grants to WA artists that help support the creative and commercial activities of musicians and acts, encouraging new business on local, national and international levels. The next closing round for Creative Industries Grants, including contemporary music, is Thursday 8 October for activity commencing after February 1 2016.

Commercial Development: This category supports fashion designers, musicians and businesses to access commercial markets, develop skills and infrastructure and build new markets/audiences. Applications are accepted from individuals, groups and organisations, subject to meeting DCA’s general eligibility criteria.

Skills Development: This category supports fashion and music industry professionals wishing to seek industry experience or collaborate with other industry professionals, locally, nationally or internationally. Projects should aim to nurture the business and creative skills of the applicant, with a focus on the pursuit of professional and creative excellence.

Sector Development: This category supports the implementation of strategies that have clear commercial and creative benefits, not only for participants, but for the WA designer fashion or contemporary music sectors as a whole.

Creative Industries Travel Assistance: The Travel Assistance category offers a contribution towards travel, freight and accommodation costs for WA musicians, designers and industry professionals to research new markets or attend relevant industry events that have strategic significance to the development or promotion of career/business.

In WA contemporary music there is a lot of opportunities for growth and expansion, and it is definitely advised to make the most of opportunities such as grants like those offered by the DCA.


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