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COVID-19 Response Update

17 Feb



17 FEBRUARY 2022

COVID-19 is continuing to pose major risks and impacts on the WA music sector, and WAM is working to have the voice and needs of the music sector heard. Alongside our national advocacy as part of the OpenMIC National Live Music and Events Industry Taskforce, WAM have continued to engage with local and state decision-makers to elevate the voice of the industry. This need has escalated as the WA sector navigates an uncertain future.

Responding to our call for industry support following the December-January venue closures, correspondence from Minister Hon David Templeman outlines the WA Government’s intention to investigate international and national best practice for COVID-19 government backed events insurance schemes. In the continued absence of a federally backed event insurance scheme, this could see WA events afforded a similar level of protection to our peers in Victoria and NSW by their own state-based schemes.

Our industry calls for increased eligibility and tailoring of support packages has resulted in an expansion of the GTSBOTR+ and small business support packages, but continuing ineligibility of interstate tours, audience hesitancy and uncertain restrictions highlight ongoing financial risks.

With our advocacy efforts continuing, WAM will soon launch a targeted survey to gauge your lived experiences and on-the-ground needs. We plan to renew the WAM Music Council to strengthen our connection with industry and inform the state and federal based policy recommendations, with an initial focus on COVID-19 support and recovery.

Consulting and surveying individuals and businesses across the sector is fundamental to providing you support. By contributing your experience and feedback, you’re providing valuable data for WAM and industry bodies take to key-stakeholders, inform advocacy focus areas, and ensure your needs are heard. We encourage everyone across the sector to contribute to the Chamber of Arts and Culture WA | Financial and Wellbeing Impact Survey HERE

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