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Photo: Jarrad Seng

The Bakery Potential Closure Announced

8 Jul


One of Perth’s most popular alternative venue’s which houses many local and international artists, The Bakery may be closing its doors due to potential new ownership in March 2015. This news comes after the recent closure of Fremantle venue Kulcha and the potential closure of Fly By Night, meaning WA could lose 3 key live music venues in the space of one year.

The following announcement was made by The Bakery to their Members:


As a valued Bakery subscriber and attendee, we wanted to give you a heads up that the land on which The Bakery stands went on the market for sale today. Our lease is in place until March 2015, which means that The Bakery will once again be hosting the ‘Budgie Smuggler’ Artist Club during FRINGE WORLD Festival next February as a last hurrah before potentially closing. We encourage all of our punters to make the most of The Bakery in the mean time over the next seven months. There is potential that the new owner of the property will be interested in continuing the venue. We’ll let all the Bakery peeps know if so when the time is right. Enquiries about the purchase can be directed to Burgess Rawson.

Thanks and Bake It Up.
Your Bakery Team.”

So basically it sounds like they need someone with enough money and love of music to save the day. Let’s hope this happens as The Bakery is one of WA’s few mid-sized venues around a 600 capacity.

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