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Badlands Bar asks for music lovers’ help with license

17 May


Perth’s newest live music venue Badlands Bar has arrived with a bang, including bringing the party in style at their launch and hosting Karnivool for an epic four nights. With big plans ahead, they’re currently closed for renovations before permanently re-opening in the next month or so. Despite this warm welcome to the Perth live music scene, Badlands Bar owner and booker Mark Partridge wants to improve it to ensure a place where we can maximally enjoy the benefits of live music in a sustainable, responsible environment.

However, he has concerns over the current restrictions preventing them from doing so. In order to succeed with their vision, Partridge has released a petition on behalf of Badlands Bar urging for Racing Gaming and Liquor and the City of Perth to allow the bar to achieve the following three goals:

1. To extend trading hours to 3am on weekends, allowing Badlands Bar to provide live music and rock and roll DJs until later in the evening on Friday and Saturday nights. Badlands will have multiple rooms in which to host bands, giving them the flexibility to support small local bands as well as larger touring bands.

2. Extending the current beer garden to ensure a dedicated area (of around 100sqm) can be open to the general public that will always be free entry without requiring tickets to Badlands shows.  This space will have a festival type atmosphere, contain a food truck and separate bar and toilet facilities.

3. Minimising waste generation through lifting the restriction on the sale of draught beer, allowing for the reduction of glass and aluminium used by the venue.

Find the petition through the more info tab below.


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