Selection Criteria for WAM and Partnered Events and Programs

There are 1000s of WA acts not only active but doing amazing things, so selecting acts for our many events and programs is never a straightforward process. Whilst WAM as an organization strives for diversity, access, inclusiveness and more, every event and program cannot equally fulfill these goals, but rather each has different focuses and hence employs different strategies to maximize the potential benefits for a range of stakeholders.

As such, WAM has a general set of criteria that guides our selection processes for acts, including taking into account any number of the following considerations:

  • Whether will fit the specific program or event and the audiences they’re targeting, general vibe, stakeholders expectations etc.
  • General past achievements (awards, releases, other similar events played, workshops completed, tours, high profile supports etc).
  • Timeliness (current activities, releases out/due, media hype, career momentum etc).
  • Proven fanbase (including numbers of attendees at headline shows, followers on social media, plays of songs on radio and internet etc)
  • Level of the music’s innovation, uniqueness, originality and quality, including the act demonstrating an ability to achieve a high quality level of recorded output and live performance.
  • Where based – we strive to achieve a diversity in regions represented in programs/events.
  • WAM Membership status – WAM Members are made a priority, and in some events and programs membership could be a necessity.
  • WAM-related successes – eg Song Of The Year and WAMAwards nominees and winners are made a priority).
  • Proven ability to behave in a professional manner.
  • Other WAM-related shows played in last few years, and whether subsequent opportunities could thus be better distributed to lesser-used acts.
  • How the act has engaged with and helped promote previous WAM events and programs they’ve been involved in.
  • Cost and benefits a booking will likely have on the event or program’s reach, attendance and specific goals.
  • How beneficial the event or program could be for the act, and how well they are positioned to fully take advantage of the opportunities that could arise.

Please note that WAM rarely solely chooses the acts, but in most circumstances employs a booker, consults relevant key industry figures or works with other organisations to decide the line-ups.

In instances where we are the sole selector of acts, they are never chosen by one only person but discussed and agreed upon by numerous WAM staff, which is comprised of a collective wealth of industry experience, diverse tastes and varied genre specialties. Callouts are also regularly made via our free WAMplifier eNews for particular events and programs, as well as other external and internal MarComms channels.