Mutually beneficial partnerships and supporters are the lifeblood of WAM. Their cultivation, management and stewardship are critical to the success of the organisation’s corporate operations and program outcomes.

WAM would like to thank every one of our business partners for trusting us to execute our programs with integrity, and achieve successes on behalf of their business operations, artists and the arts workers engaged through these activities.

WAM’s partnership with Healthway has entered its sixth consecutive year. Promoting the valuable Act Belong Commit message, this fruitful program-focused partnership allows WAM to present WA Music Week, Song of the Year and the New Noise program, spreading a positive mental health message amongst the community. In recognition of the importance of this message for the music sector, the Act Belong Commit message is activated beyond the realm of program delivery, with WAM staff embracing Mental Health Week and Active August. WAM are proud to have grown and developed this partnership into Healthway’s largest arts partnership.


WA’s well known and applauded music scene is one of our state’s most important cultural identifiers. Hearing it, and experiencing it being played makes our city more vibrant, more beautiful, more liveable.

In a crowded market place, being heard and noticed above the many other people making noise is one of the biggest challenges facing emerging artists today. This is where WAM plays such an important role.

When you make a tax deductible donation to WAM, you are ensuring that WAM can continue to deliver the knowledge, expertise and connections to guide WA artists through to the next stages of their careers.

We can’t do it without you.

Thank you.