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5 Minutes with Bexx | WAMFest 2019 Edition

22 Oct

Those of you who are familiar with the electronic dance scene in Perth will already know local DJ and producer BEXX. Get to a bit more about her and the immersive performances she creates ahead of her set NEXT WEEKEND at WAMFest 2019! 

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Hello!!! My name is Bec Price AKA BEXX, and I am a performance artist, electronic producer and DJ from Perth. I DJ around Perth under almost every single genre, but preference is either tribal house or deep techno. And in terms of production/ performance, my tracks are a dreamy house kind of vibe I guess – similar to Rufus Du Sol or Crooked Colours.

Tell us about your musical background and how you got into production and DJing.

I have always been making music for as long as I can remember, but playing instruments. I learnt piano for about 12 years, saxophone for 4 years, guitar for a couple years and have been singing throughout. Music production/electronic music/DJing all started for me just over a year ago ~ July 2018. I downloaded Ableton, and had my first DJ lesson. I fell in love INSTANTLY and have never looked back. Being able to create an entire track on your own – you are the drums, synth, bass, keys, brass etc. is crazy to me and is why I LOVE it so much. Also DJing is the best job in the world. Getting to plan out someone’s music experience is such a sick thing.

We love that you’re so involved in the WA music scene through platforms such as RTRFM and Pilerats. What can you say is your favourite thing about being a part of the industry in WA?

Definitely the community aspect of it and the support. I have made so many friends through the music industry, and I’m very passionate about musicians feeling supported over here in Perth, instead of feeling like they have to jump ship to the east coast. We have so much potential here so I want to make sure Artists are being valued as such.

Apart from producing and creating mixes, what goes into the planning of your immersive sets that makes them so special?

I graduated from WAAPA with a Bachelor of Performance Making which was basically 3 years of studying acting/ puppetry/ mime/ physical theatre/ cabaret etc. Almost every art form you can think of. I LOVED it. I love making theatre, but don’t get to do it too often. So instead I bring theatre into my music sets. When I have complete creative control over a set, there will be dancers, visuals, masks, crazy lighting, bubbles, smoke, anything and everything that would awaken someone’s senses alongside the music I am sharing. This is what I am most passionate about and want to create and entire sensory experience for every patron every performance. That is the end goal, but obviously for now there are restrictions with venues and budget etc. but it is definitely always in the forefront of my planning!

If you could pinpoint one moment as being the most rewarding in your music career so far, what would it be?

I recently performed at RAC Arena, amongst some huge national acts, and this was an enormous achievement for me. There was a crowd of 5000, I was DJing and MCing the entire 8 hours, and had so many messages from patrons afterwards which was the most rewarding part. Particularly when they mentioned how nice it was seeing a female DJ/host or how it has made them want to be involved in music/ be more confident etc. LOVED THIS DAY SO MUCH.

If you could collaborate with any artist in the near future (WA or international), who would it be and why?

As mentioned before, my two biggest influences at the moment are Rufus Du Sol and Willaris K. So definitely either of them. I’ve met Willaris. K (Jack) earlier this year and he is so lovely and humble yet his production is INCREDIBLE, so would definitely love to work with him.

Apart from playing WAMFest, what have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Heaps of gigs coming up as always! I post a little gig guide every month on my Facebook and Instagram so people can catch me around if they want to. But I am most excited for my EP launch that I am planning for the beginning of next year. It’s going to be in a crazy space, with heaps of performers and sick set design and yeah just a big explosion of my brain into a gig. So definitely stay tuned for that!

We can’t wait to see your set at WAMFest Live! What other acts are you most excited to see play? 

Every single act is so cool and unique so I want to see as many as I can. But definitely for me I get most excited seeing fellow electronic producers and their live set ups so heaps of the pals at Nevermind Smallclub I am excited for, and basically any of the acts that use a synth, launchpad or drumpad I will be scouting out.

Catch more of BEXX at the links below.




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